Our Story

Creating space to flourish.

Free Yourself is a beacon for positive change. Our fragrances are anchored in the historic town of Grasse, France, and our craftsmanship in the vibrant community of Bennington, Vermont, merging age-old artisanship with cutting-edge innovation. Our unwavering commitment to green chemistry and ecological practices lies at the heart of our mission, ensuring luxury that nurtures both you and the planet.

Rooted in the belief that fragrances can be powerful catalysts for emotional and spiritual growth, FY harnesses the transformative potential of aromas and sensory experiences. This approach was deeply influenced by Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of the discipline of positive psychology, Jeff’s academic pursuit at UPenn, reflecting a commitment to enhancing life experiences through sensory engagement.

Our Founders

Jeff Miller - Storyteller; a union of creativity and academic distinction, Jeff's unique path in the entertainment and advertising industries, enhanced by degrees from Harvard and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, exemplifies his commitment to creativity and artistic expression. His candidacy in UPenn's prestigious MAPP program further underscores his dedication to integrating Positive Psychology into every facet of life. Jeff's global experiences and academic pursuits shape FY's ethos, blending artistry with a deep passion for human well-being.

Todd Thurman - With over 30 years of experience in hospitality managing elite venues like Mortons on Melrose and Tom Colicchio's Craft, Todd is a paragon of hospitality and elegance, reflecting FY's commitment to unparalleled quality and experience. His pivotal role in years of orchestrating the Vanity Fair Oscar party and his interactions with Hollywood's elite exemplify our brand's ethos of creating exclusive, memorable experiences. Todd's expertise in luxury hospitality is a cornerstone of FY's pursuit of excellence.

Crafting a sustainable future together, Jeff and Todd represent the heart and soul of Free Yourself. Their combined expertise in entertainment, hospitality, and the arts forms the foundation of our brand. Their shared vision of luxury, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship is woven into every aspect of FY, guiding us toward a future where luxury, creativity, and conscience coexist.

Our Perfumers

In the heart of Grasse, France, the capital of perfumery, our perfumers Xavier Blaizot and Maud Chabanis are the alchemists behind Free Yourself's fragrances. Xavier, a scion of a seven-generation perfume legacy, and Maud, a native of Nîmes imbued with the scents of Provence, weave their experiences into each fragrance they create. Their mastery and intuition in perfumery are not just about crafting scents but about capturing emotions and memories, a perfect embodiment of FY’s philosophy of evoking transformative experiences through aroma.

Xavier and Maud, our perfumers, are more than creators; they are storytellers. Each scent in the 'Elements' collection – Terre, Air, Eau, and Feu – is a testament to their expertise and instincts. Xavier's worldly experiences and deep connection to Grasse's perfumery tradition blend with Maud's innate ability to draw inspiration from nature and her surroundings. Together, they ensure that every FY fragrance is not just a blend of ingredients but a narrative, inviting users to embark on a sensory journey of self-discovery and holistic growth.

Free Yourself’s commitment to eco-conscious practices is profoundly reflected in the work of our perfumers. Xavier’s focus on natural fragrances aligns with our dedication to green chemistry, while Maud’s creative process, deeply attuned to nature’s offerings, mirrors our commitment to using responsibly sourced materials. Their approach to perfumery is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring that each fragrance not only tells a story but does so in a way that honors and protects our planet, resonating deeply with the values at the core of FY.

Free Yourself (FY) is honored to have Alain Garossi, a master perfumer with a legacy rooted in Grasse, as a mentor. His journey in perfumery began with boyhood visits to his grandfather and father at Roure Bertrand fils & Justin Dupont. It was perfected at Robertet & Co, Givaudan, and Quest International, bringing over four decades of experience to FY. Alain's deep understanding of scent, drawn from nature and diverse cultures, and his role in nurturing emerging talents in perfumery perfectly aligns with FY's blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, making every FY fragrance a testament to his rich olfactory heritage and expertise.

Our Ceramics

At the heart of Free Yourself's commitment to artisanship and sustainability are the skilled potters at Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock, Vermont, who meticulously craft the ceramic vessels for our products. Embodying the spirit of studio pottery, each piece is a work of art, shaped entirely by hand from start to finish by a dedicated team of artisans. This community eschews modern machinery and mass production, taking pride in a process that is authentically handmade. From the moment the clay touches the wheel to the final product, they create durable and timeless ceramic pieces, reflecting Free Yourself’s ethos of enduring luxury.

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Our Commitment

Empower change with us.

The Finest Fragrances

Free Yourself is dedicated to crafting unique, gender-neutral fragrances, blending the purity of nature with the sophistication of science. Our fragrances are a harmonious blend of 100% naturally derived botanicals and safe synthetic ingredients, thoughtfully balanced for an exceptional scent experience. We prioritize transparency, revealing our ingredients while maintaining the proprietary artistry of our formulas. We are committed to using natural, naturally derived, and safe synthetic ingredients and adhere to good manufacturing processes without animal testing, ensuring a clean, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free creation process. We encourage you to explore our ingredients per fragrance and individual product details listed on each product page, reflecting our dedication to honesty and customer empowerment.

Giving Back

We passionately support philanthropic endeavors in education and the arts, acknowledging their vital role in nurturing a more enlightened and culturally vibrant world. Each purchase contributes 10% of profits to initiatives fostering environmental stewardship, social well-being, education and the arts. We currently take pride in our alliance with The Farmlink Project, an innovative organization battling food waste and hunger. Your purchase aids in nourishing millions and preserving our planet.

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Each purchase contributes 10% of profits to initiatives fostering environmental stewardship, social well-being, education, and the arts.

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